Make money on your cell phone by using the field agent app

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Here is how to make money on your cell phone by using the field agent app. This can be another great tool to add some extra income while your out and about. There are tasks being listed daily on this app and by using the “Current location” function on your phone you can find the tasks that are closes to you.


One of the greatest advantages of the field agent app is you can self assign the tasks that you want and don’t have to wait for approval from Field Agent. The app has a unique system that keeps score of your tasks. Every time you complete a task and it gets accepted you get a point that raises your score but in the same way every time you do a task that gets declined you lose a point. This helps field agent staff see who their best agents are and they can then provide them the best opportunities.


Most of the tasks I have done on the field agent app have been small store checks. These tasks range between $3.00-12.00. Here is an example of a task and some questions you might see:

Go into CVS pharmacy and check if they have men’s razor blades available for sale. How many shelf spaces does the product have? Does it require a CVS associate to access it? How many items were in stock? Once you answer the 8-10 required questions. You can submit your work for approval.

Job completion 

Once you have completed the task and it gets reviewed and approved by field agent. Your money will get uploaded to your field agent account. At this point you can withdraw your money to your very own PayPal account. I suggest getting a free PayPal debit card for easier access to your money.

So, what are you waiting for download the app and get started on some tasks today…

The picture below was from a field agent birthday cake contest that my girlfriend Laura and I entered. The prize was for $100.00, we didn’t win but we had a lot of fun making it and eating it. Try to guess where the design came from in the comments below. For more great ways to feed the pig keep it locked on Employment Hack


Field agent birthday cake

Field agent birthday cake

Latest Comments
  1. Paul

    looking for it on google play and not finding it, is it titled “field agent”?

    • admin

      Yes, Field agent is the app name. At this time it looks like they are only supporting Iphones. You should try gigwalk and taskrabbit. They are similar apps and may be supported by android phones

  2. Vane

    Hi I have Asus pad ,tablet not finding on Google play gigwalk and taskrabbit ???

  3. harvey herring

    How do sign up

    • admin

      Download the app on your phone and your good to go. For Field agent an Iphone is required.

  4. harvey herring

    I have a windows 8 phone what app can I use

  5. Tammy

    I am trying to download the appt. And I cannot find it. Can you please send it to me
    Thank you

  6. Melissa

    So the name of the app on the iphone is called field agent?

    • admin

      Hi Melissa,

      Try Field agent and Gigwalk. These are both great apps to work from your phone

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